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Who we are

One Acre Venture is a for profit social enterprise, working across the farm to food value chain and fostering positive changes in lifestyles and eating habits of consumers.

Founded in 2014, as a wholly owned subsidiary of eKutir Social Business to implement its agriculture-nutrition innovations, OneAcre Venture helps people with lifestyle diseases control the severity of their problem by ensuring access to the right kind of food products, prepared from locally cultivated crops, sourced from smallholder farmers. We set up a system of demand-driven food production, processing and distribution and increased consumption through targeted consumer marketing and behavioural change programs.

In rural production areas, a network of agri-entrepreneurs is setup to help the farmer with crop inputs and ICT based advisory for growing nutrient rich food crops. For aggregation and processing of the food crops, a network of Booom -entrepreneurs is setup in rural areas and in urban areas.

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Consumers suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity are guided in preparing and sticking to diet plan charts for themselves; are provided with the specific vegetables and grocery and a support network ofpeers and dieticians.


pregnant and lactating women are given awareness about the importance of nutrient rich diet and are incentivised in consuming more.

Non-communicable disease kills 38 million people each year, of which three-quarters are the deaths in low- and middle-income countries. Diabetes alone affects more than 422 million adults globally today, double the number in 1980.

How we work

One Acre Venture a social enterprise of eKutir Rural Management Services Pvt. Ltd. Aggregates fresh farm produce from smallholder farmers creates retail access to healthy vegetables for urban and rural consumers.

We help farmers who follow sustainable agricultural practises and produce safe food for consumer. By using digital technology, we create a ICT supply chain which sourced farm fresh vegetables and grocery directly from Farmers and deliver to the doorstep of consumers.

One Acre Venture helps farmers cultivate the right mix of food crops, procures and processes the same and sells it to target customer groups through channel partners.

For AahaRx, channel partners are ‘VeggieKart’ and other institutions like major retail outlets, hospitals and insurance companies.

Target customers are helped with recipes, diet planning and peer group support to help them make the diet changes.


Selling points



  • Producers as well as consumers (Prosumers) of nutrient rich crops​​.
  • Move to better crop mix patterns- cultivation done all round the year, meeting income and nutrition needs.

Agri Entrepreneurs

  • Get a regular income by selling inputs and preharvest ICT based services to farmers.

Nutri Entrepreneurs

  • Get a good income by aggregating the food crops grown by farmers, processing the same and selling to One Acre Venture.

Pratidhi Customers

  • Increased awareness about right consumption patterns.
  • Increased consumption intake of the regular participants due to easy availability of vegetables.


Are you interested in joining us in our social mission? Share your CV and cover letter at 'hello@oneacreventure.org'.

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